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I don't do much videography, but nevertheless I've completed a major video project with Dutch Evangelist Johan Schep - 16 short messages + photoart animations. Filmed by me in Brisbane & North Queensland. Below are the photos I've taken and the slides I've designed for the video. To see the photoart animations you'll have to watch the video - they're pretty cool.

Watch the video on YouTube -


These Slides

I designed each of these slides, and took all of the photos (apart from the one with me in it).

I took this photo while boating around the Great Palm Island Group, North Queensland. Although Johan shares a story about being caught in a wild storm on the water in the first of the 16 messages, it was as calm as you could possibly imagine on this day as we did some sightseeing. It was glorious!

I took the photos Island In The Sky and Great Calm in Landscape on the same day

© Copyright Geoff Rankin


Generous Couple

Both Johan & Linda Schep are exceedingly generous and friendly. People love spending time with them. I took this photo while at a horse stud near Beaudesert - thus the hats & horse stables behind them. Johan loves riding having grown up riding horses in Brazil.

I took the Zebra Finch photos (see Birds) at the same location.

© Copyright Geoff Rankin


About Johan

Growing up in Holland & Brazil, Johan went from delivering milk in Holland to chasing cows around a Middle-eastern mine field. It was there that he gave his life to Jesus. Since then Johan has spent much of his life as an evangelist in Israel. He has taught in various Bible Schools around the world & regularly travels to Europe, Africa & Israel to share the gospel.

Sweethearts at the age of 16, Johan & Linda met again later in life and married in 2006. To find out more, check out their website -

© Copyright Geoff Rankin



Hey, that's me on the left. It was taken in Tyto Wetlands, Ingham (Queensland, Australia) as we did some filming there just before and after sunset.

A slightly funny story about filming there... I filmed the messages at Tyto without a tripod, which was OK until the video 'Bibles In Abundance'. I was wearing shorts and as Johan spoke I could feel something starting to bite my legs. Not wanting to stop, I did the best I could to rub one leg against the other to get rid of whatever it was, all the while trying to be perfectly stable. Hehe you can tell when it happens. It serves me right though for wearing shorts to a wetland, especially on dusk!

As listed in the slide above I did all the videography plus editing, all graphic design and photo art, I took the photos, wrote the intro music as well as performed it, recorded it & mixed it.

Watch the video on YouTube -

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You can find more info about the above photos in their respective sections.

I hope you've been encouraged by this, and I encourage you to watch the video -

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