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Interesting... Intriguing... Sometimes you've gotta see it to believe it. Sometime you've got to photograph it to know that it's possible. Everything here is real. Really? Yes, really!


Conrod Carnage

No one else took photos of this crash, just TV video. And the driver survived. Really? Yes, Really!

Ever been hit by your brother? Not like this, you haven't!

In this photo Aussie Racing Car driver Damien Flack's car was clipped by the car being driven by his brother Adrian on the fastest part of the track and sent careering out of control into the wall at around 240km/h, then flipped over and over and over and over before finally coming to rest between those power poles, but not before hitting the wall a second time and bursting into flames! It was horrendous to watch, and surreal to photograph (I have photos of the whole thing, having started taking photos when I saw his car veering sideways). His brother feared he'd died. He very well could have. Thankfully though Damien escaped with only broken ribs and a punctured lung. It could have been so much worse!

The Mount Panorama race circuit at Bathurst is an incredible track. If you haven't been there, you really must go some day. Watching the cars fly across the top of Mt Panorama then launch themselves down through the Esses, Forest Elbow, and then down Conrod Straight (which concludes with one of the fastest corners in world sport) is breathtaking!

Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Didga The Great

The world's smartest cat. Really? Yes, Really!

Didga, the most talented cat on the planet, chills on a post at the coast. She has over 100,000,000 Facebook video views & is the Guiness World Record holder of 'Most Tricks By A Cat In One Minute', and I photograph her simply sitting on a post. What was I thinking!

Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Fantastic Gymnastic

I took this photo from the crowd (I didn't apply for accreditation), and she landed perfectly on the 10cm wide beam below her like it was easy. Really? Yes, Really!

Come back down Georgia-Rose Brown! Australia’s Georgia-Rose Brown rises high over the Balance Beam - an elevated 10cm strip that any normal person would have trouble balancing on, let alone landing a reverse summersault jumpy thing. But she did win a silver medal for the event so she's clearly not 'normal' :)

For those who aren’t exactly sure what’s happening in this photo, Georgia-Rose has leapt from the Balance Beam - the strip that has ‘Gold Coast 2018’ written on it - and will again land on it with grace & poise. The green below is the floor behind, as is the floor behind.

I like how she's clearly focused on where her feet are going to land. Women's Artistic Gymnastics Balance Beam, 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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22° Halo

22° halos are more common than rainbows. Really? Yes, Really!

Up in the sky… mystery. Down on the ground… history.

The super-interesting thing about this photo is NOT the old abandoned house somewhere in South Australia’s iconic Flinders Ranges (as fascinating as that is), it’s the halo around the sun. You didn’t notice it, or thought it was just some sort of lens flare? No, sir. This is a common optical phenomenon - like rainbows - that most of us are completely oblivious to.

But it’s not a rainbow. It’s a 22° halo. A what? Exactly!

A rainbow is formed with suspended water droplets, has 7 distinct colour bands, and needs the sun to be directly behind you (the shadow of your head is actually the exact centre of the rainbow’s arc). In direct contrast, 22° halos form with suspended ice crystals, are almost colourless, and need you to be looking directly at the sun rather than away from it. As we aren’t in the habit of looking directly at the sun they usually go unseen by all, except maybe for that crazy guy who lives near the station. Don't look at the sun, folks, no matter what anyone says! Thus 22° halos remain unknown to most and an enigma to many, even though they occur more frequently than rainbows do. True story.

Oh, and it was certainly a very cool place to spend some time exploring. (I'd almost forgotten about the rest of the photo.)

P.S. A 22° halo is a perfect circle. This one is skewed due to me using a wide-angle lens. And did you notice just a hint of colour too?

Flinders Ranges, South Australia, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Airport Rifle

In a bin inside an airport terminal. Really? Yes, Really!

I took this photo while queuing to check-in my luggage at Melbourne “Tullermarine” Airport. It wasn’t loaded - my luggage, that is. I guess someone read the list of what you can and can’t take on a plane AFTER they’d got to the airport - you know that checklist you have to agree to. My biggest dilemma is remembering if I can or can’t take batteries onboard with me :)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin


Welcome To Quokka Isle

This is a wild quokka and it really is this adorable. Really? Yes, Really!

Is there anything cuter, happier & friendlier than a wild quokka? No. This guy could have easily been the official welcoming party if it wasn't just a random quokka living away from the hustle and bustle of development.

Rottnest Island, Western Australia, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Backstage: Shania Twain & Sheléa

I'm the only person who got this shot. Actually I was the only person to get LOTS of shots. I was accredited to shoot the gig & was the only photographer allowed backstage afterwards. Really? Yes, Really!

It was an absolute blast to be invited to shoot this concert then go backstage and shoot some more. I was the only photographer in the world to do so!

Backstage: Quincy Jones + Sinfonietta de Lausanne @ 2019 Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland

2019 Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Outer Space Outer The Window

I was on a regular flight, in a regular seat when I took this photo out my window. It's all one photo. Nothing has been added. Really? Yes, Really!

This is a single 8 second exposure, handheld, taken last night through the window of our Qantas Airbus A330 (the air temperature outside was -59C so I was hesitant to open the window) while travelling at 880km/h, heading west at 12km above southern Western Australia en route to Perth.

The Southern Cross is dipping behind the wing while the clouds of the Milky Way are lightly visible above the horizon. Canopus and Achernar shine brightest in the sky above. Both the Large Magellanic Cloud & Small Magellanic Cloud put in an appearance. There is even a satellite on the move above the Two Pointers - Agena & Alpha Centauri - so there’s something for everyone. Good show all round. - 06 Nov 2019

Somewhere over southern Western Australia, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Tiny Tiny Tiny Bee

Australia has over 1500 types of native bees. Really? Yes, Really!

This bee is tiny. It's easily the smallest bee I've ever seen - about the size of an ant. Apart from the Western Honey Bee (the type of bee most people think of when they think of a bee), all bees in Australia are native - and we have so many different species - over 1500 of them! I've got no idea what type of bee this is, but it's noticeably smaller than a little black stingless bee, and so much prettier. So keep an eye out for them, though one eye is probably not going to be enough:)

Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Iron Maiden - 'The Book Of Souls World Tour'

I took this photo from in the moshpit, 6 rows of people from the front. I didn't have accreditation and camera rules weren't so strict. The moshpit? Yes, it was the one time I've seriously feared for the life of my camera. It's like trying to take photos of the outside world while being inside a washing machine. Crazy, definitely! Really? Yes, Really!

Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith & Dave Murray play up a storm during their 2016 'The Book Of Souls World Tour' at BEC. I was in the storm ie moshpit trying to get a couple of nice shots while trying to ensure the survival of myself and my camera. Not recommended, but all worked out ok. And the concert was incredible!

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Accelerating At 5G

These Top Fuel cars are accelerating so quickly from a standing start that if a race car started a race already doing 400km/hr and kept that speed, these cars would not only chase it down, they would beat it across the finish line. Really? Yes, Really!

These top fuel dragsters are racing at the 2016 WinterNats, the biggest event of its kind outside North America. They are accelerating at 5 G's - literally exploding past. They're the fastest accelerating vehicles on the planet - faster than any aircraft or manned rocket including the Space Shuttle! The noise is not only deafening but scary. They've got to be seen to be believed. The top speed for the day = 536km/h!

Willowbank Raceway, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Saturn Handheld - 1:1

This is the planet Saturn taken with my camera whilst standing in the middle of a suburban Brisbane shopping centre car park, without the use of a tripod or leaning on anything. Really? Yes, Really!

I was talking to a friend, showing him how to take photos of Jupiter while we were chatting in a shopping centre car park around 9pm. I told him I'd also taken handheld photos of Saturn. Yeah, he couldn't quite believe that. I had my camera with me so I took this photo right there & then. Let's just say his eyebrows were raised in surprise for some time:) I mean Saturn is only 1.2 billion kms away at it's closest!

This photo is at 1:1 resolution ie it's not enlarged or reduced in size. I've not "improved" the image at all apart from increasing brightness, as I found you have to underexpose when photographing it to show the gap between the ring and the planet.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Australia's Rarest Bird. Ever.

People were flying in from all over the country to see this one, single bird. Really? Yes, Really!

This funny-looking bird might appear to be relatively ordinary, but that didn't stop hordes of bird-lovers from flying in from all over the country in 2014 just to see it. You think I'm joking, or at least exaggerating. I'm not. This Yellow Bittern was the first of its kind ever to be seen on mainland Australia, and for unknown reasons ended up at North Lakes, north of Brisbane. It was there for about a week and then it vanished, never to be eaten, I mean 'seen' again.

No I didn't eat the bird. That was a joke.

North Lakes, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Sea Through

You are looking through sea water. Really? Yes, Really!

This photo was taken from above the water, peering through ridiculously clear sea water to the rocks and growths below it. The whole scene is underwater. This is all thanks to the incredibly clear sea water in & around Albany, Western Australia. You've got to see it (if you can) to believe it.

Albany, Western Australia, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin


Horse And Zebras

This is one single photo. Really? Yes, Really!

I was taking a photo of these Zebra Finches and could see the horse coming closer in the background and wondered whether it might wander past. I got myself into the right position at the right time and "Hooray".

This is the one photo, not one superimposed over another. I know you can't trust photos these days. I get as frustrated as anyone else with other people doctoring their photos - it's more common than you think. But this is the real deal as all my photos are, unless I make it clear otherwise.

Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Tropaeolum Dew

A photo where you can see the dew drops on the flower behind taken through a dew drop on it's leaf. Really? Yes, Really!

I grew up calling these plants 'Nasturtians' when the rest of the world (apart from my grandparents & possibly JRR Tolkien) called them 'Nasturtiums'. Their actual name is 'Tropaeolum', which I've no idea how to pronounce anyway :)

If you look closely you can make out the dew on the flower as seen through the dew on the leaf. As with this photo,
I take almost all photos hand-held, without a flash, only using available light. I love keeping it natural & as real-life as possible.

And thanks, Terry, for inviting me around that morning for breakfast. It was delicious!

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Lookout Snake

This snake popped its head out three times then slithered out to me. Really? Yes, Really!

Is it a snake, a meerkat, a sock puppet, a cross between all three? This Common Tree Snake ('Common' - not likely!) was merrily sunning itself when it saw me, took fright and slithered off into some nearby foliage (sage, for the diehard plant fans). I didn’t get a photo so I stuck around to see if it came back out. After about five minutes, to my complete surprise and utter amazement, I saw this - the snake checking out if I was still there or not! A few moments later it was gone. It did this two more times, each time a little closer, before partially slithering out for a closer inspection of me. Then, in a flash, it was gone for good, leaving me alone with some cute snake photos as mementoes.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Saint Omer

I took this night photo while afloat on a boat. Really? Yes, Really!

“Ay, you be right thar, Cap’n… There be no prawns for catchin’ up ‘ere!”

The trawler Saint Omer is an iconic feature of the Eat Street Northshore food markets, serving a bounty of seafood to discerning Brisbane diners. Where it once trawled for prawns in the Pacific Ocean it now trawls for customers on specific land.

This photo was taken from aboard 24m luxury charter yacht Pure Adrenalin Charters which is an incredible vessel - both boats are pretty awesome! As it turns out the captain is a friend of the trawler’s former owner and held the ship steady for me so I could get the shot. 1/4 second, handheld, ISO200 night shot taken from a boat afloat - nice!

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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Jump Back Whale

I took this photo. Really? Yes, Really!

“Did you really take that?” Yes. Of all the photos I've taken this is the one that this is asked most about. And the question stems not from questioning my skill as a photographer but rather a mingling of the awe and wonder of something so magnificent with the thought of capturing it so clearly and vividly. It still blows me away that whales can do this, as I’m sure it does you too!

Being out on the water, watching whales jump and splash about is one of nature's remarkable experiences. I highly recommend a visit during whale watching season if you get the chance.

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

© Copyright Geoff Rankin

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